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Military Miniatures in Review is a bimonthly magazine featuring kit and figure reviews, how-to articles, painting guides, and much more!
Allied-Axis is a quarterly magazine featuring over 100 captioned photographs of vehicles, uniforms, and equipment from the Second World War.
The Visual History Series are single-subject reference books featuring over 200 photographs of military vehicles, both in action and in detail.
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Current issue now available!
  • A Special Great War Commemorative Feature: Napoleon Complex: The Little Renault FT17 goes BIG!
  • The M103, A Primer: Part 2
  • Conqueror: Heavy Super Armored Fighting Suit
  • Float Your Boat: Dragon's Ka-mi times two
  • Bronyetransportyor!: Trumpeter's BTR-80 kit
  • Finally Isherman!: Building and spicing up the Tamiya kit
  • Cool Warrior: Trumpeter's fantastic T-64
  • Model Citizen: SK Miniatures German Infantryman WW2
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